Industrial electronic part repair

Are you going to throw away any broken electronic parts and buy the expensive replacements?

Please think twice! We can fix it.

From our long experience, problems mostly found in factories are that electronic equipment and parts installed in the machine are broken. Then, your production will be interrupted. If your decision is buying the new parts immediately, what are the processes? You need to start from searching and contacting suppliers, many times overseas suppliers. This consumes time and costs. Oftenly, the specification of the parts ordered is not correct, resulting to return and claim which waste a lot of your time and affect production lines.

Please call Rainbow Tech! We have way out for you. We have service of rapid and concise inspection of your problemed electronic parts. We can fix various types and brands of industrial electronic parts, especially with reasonable price.

What are the benefits you will receive from our electronic parts repairing service?

1.) We help you substantially reducing cost, which could be as high as
50%, comparing to the brand new part replacement.

2.) You do not need to buy the expensive new part, or keeping it stocked.

3.) You can avoid disruptive, costly and time consuming from contacting
overseas suppliers.

4.) You will have us as your experienced consultant.

Benefits outweigh costs.

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