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Linear measurement

Magnetic linear measuring
Incremental magnetic sensors for linear measurement of the MS series allow non-contact, highly precise and real-time measurements. Series of MS magnetic sensors is made up of 3 models, depending on the precision required, with the possibility to incorporate reference signals externally or to the magnetic strip.


Draw Wire (enco-meter)
ENCO-METER systems allow for a simple, fast and economic way, the adaptation of rotating sensor devices (encoders, and potentiometers etc.) of linear distance measurements of up to 10 metres for machines with slow movement, without any sharp acceleration and with an average number of maneuvers.


Rack and pinion system
This system consists of a modular, straight tooth pinion and a special rack with a modified pitch that achieves and exact movement of 50mm per turn of the pinion, something that is not possible with conventional racks. If the pinion is secured directly to the encoder shaft, then
a flexible support angle should be employed so that the bearings are not excessively loaded.