Mini Motor Products
Rainbow Tech Co., Ltd. ผู้แทนจำหน่ายมอเตอร์เกียร์ ยี่ห้อ Mini Motor ในประเทศไทย


Gear motor consisting of a BS series brushless servomotor and
a 1 or 2-stage planetary reduction.

MOTOR: 4-pole sinusoidal brushless. enclosed. Rotor with NdFeB magnets. Thermal safety device. Class F winding. IP65 protection in accordance with the CEI EN 60529 standards. Feedback with 2-pole resolver. Reduced clearance bearings with special grease for high temperatures.
PLANETARY REDUCTION UNIT: casing in hardened and tempered steel UNI7874 with precision teeth class 7. Planet gear in nitrided hardened and tempered steel. Satellite gears in nitrided 42CrMo4 steel UNI7874 (Tenifer) for types BSE35 and BSE45 and in carbonated steel 17NiCrMo6 UNI EN 10084 for types BSE55 and BSE80. Self lubricating with special synthetic oil with additives for extreme pressures (EP). Special seal rings in fluoridated rubber for high temperatures. Reduction unit output shaft in high tensile steel (about 145030 lb in2). Output shaft support bearings for high torques and loads. Reduced clearances on request.