LTi DRiVES Products
Rainbow Tech Co., Ltd.
The distributor of LTi DRiVES (LUST) in Thailand

LSH/LST Servo Motors

The LSH servomotor with torques (Mo) from 0.2
Nm to 27 Nm (external ventilation up to 35 Nm)

Nominal torque 0,2 Nm up to 20 Nm
Based on the new winding technology, the so-called concentrated winding, the new LSH reaches a power density from 30 % to 70 % compared with the conventional winding technology. For the user that means as much as a 100% improvement in dynamics, and more compact installation combined with smooth running.

The LST servomotor with torques (Mo) from 0.1 Nm to 115
Nm (external ventilation up to 145 Nm)

Equipped with a conventional (distributed) winding technology the proved LST- motor combines all advantages of a 6-pole-synchroneous servomotor in classic design.
• Well suited to speeds up to 9000 min-1. Special windings are possible on request.
• High overload capability in standstill by means of a good heat distribution in stator package.
• Increased rotor inertia to adjust moments, excellent for applications with high degree of synchronous operation requirements.
Motors with other speeds or voltages are available upon request.